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Our Core Beliefs

The core beliefs of a company define how its employees work. We want our clients to understand the deep core beliefs that drive our everyday activities. The core beliefs that drive how we work for our clients.

  1. We believe that your money is YOUR money, and an advisor should respect how hard it was to earn it. That money should be given the same care that we would give on our own money.
  2. We believe individuals and families can achieve their most important goals, but they need a clear, motivating and achievable plan that leads them to success – without unfairly altering their standard of living.
  3. We believe investors should be able to get all the performance that the markets are willing to give (…plus a little ) The should not settle for less like they do now 70-90% of the time the way the industry currently works.
  4. We believe you need honesty, and if you are doing something unwise you need an advisor who should gently but clearly tell you (examples would be whether you can afford to do something or you can’t, perhaps not spending enough, too little risk / too much risk, etc.)
  5. We believe tax planning is increasingly important because it’s really not how much you make that counts, it is how much you keep.
  6. We believe we should earn a fair fee on the assets that we manage, but that our advice should extend to every aspect of a client’s monetary life — because that’s what is needed if they are to truly succeed. We don’t charge for assets held away, but we advise as if we did.  After all our clients need help with their whole financial life, not just the piece we manage. We consider what insurances are needed, though we don’t sell insurance; we help on budgeting, company savings plans and how they are invested; good debt, bad debt, interest rates, but we don’t broker any of these.
  7. We believe a client should get best practices on EVERY financial aspect of their lives, and should expect to get answers for every question that they might have so that they truly understand. Because we know that people who understand end up with 200%-350% more money.