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Our Philosophy

Making the financial industry work for you

Wellspring Financial Partners believes that every individual — no matter their place in life — deserves access to education, support, and mentoring about the financial marketplace. We further believe each person should have a financial plan and access to the best investments to make the their unique and individual financial plan work for them. It’s our philosophy and our job to support you, to listen long and hard to you so we understand your hopes, visions and challenges, and make the financial industry work for you.

Putting the financial world in focus

For too long, the financial industry has been self-serving, putting itself and its companies’ profits first, while leaving you bewildered, blindsided, and confused. It’s our job to bring it into focus and make it work for you.

Working in your best interest

A smart consumer will challenge a Financial Advisor when an investment is recommended. “Who is paying you to sell me these investments?” If the Advisor is receiving a commission or fee for the investments, they are not recommending them for your best interests.

At Wellspring, we work for you — we don’t take commissions or back-door fees, and we don’t get paid to sell you anything. We bring decades of experience to help you understand what works best for you, with a focus on your long-term or life goals.

Employing only best-of-breed investments

It’s also important to ask a Financial Advisor, “Of all your recommendations, how many of your current investment recommendations are the same as you recommended 10 years ago?” Secondly, “Are all your personal monies in these same investments?” If these investments were such great winners when they were first recommended, what happened to their clients’ money in them? Do they now believe that the current ones will avoid the same fate? More importantly, why would you believe it?

Wellspring specializes in investments using Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) funds, which pioneered the intelligently passive approach to investing. DFA has demonstrated their exceptional prowess at managing their specialized funds, maximizing potential returns and minimizing expenses. Wellspring has continually tested the performance of funds and continues to recommend Dimensional Funds after many years.

(Individuals cannot invest in the funds utilized by Wellspring on their own. They are generally restricted to large investors and large corporate pension plans). This helps keep the funds performing well without driving up the costs in the funds with undisciplined small investors.

Simple, powerful philosophy

Wellspring Financial Partners has a passion for bringing your financial potential to life through planning, investing and managing. By working together, we help you understand what’s possible, and how to get there. Our financial advising philosophy is simple:

  • Listen and learn about you.
  • Develop a holistic plan that supports your goals and aspirations.
  • Make the plan come alive with advice, counsel, tools, teaching and investing.
  • Monitor the plan to adapt as life unfolds before you.

Key investment principles

Our loyalty and goals are simple — to work for you, strictly for you, and make your plan work for you. Our investment strategy is based on a few key principals:

  • Invest with your plan in mind.
  • Get your allocation right.
  • Use best-of-breed, passive, intelligent investments.
  • Be an informed investor.

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