Elias Young

I am a financial planner and advisor at Wellspring Financial Partners, an independent ‘Fee-Only’ firm. I am a fiduciary focused on giving objective, holistic, and comprehensive financial advice. I also work with individuals helping to navigate whatever stage of life you are in, from building wealth all the way to preserving what you’ve already worked hard to build.

My background is in finance and financial planning.  After receiving my Bachelors of Science degree from Sacramento State’s Financial Planning program, I have continued to advance my financial planning and advisory experience and knowledge by obtaining various credentials including The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ marks or otherwise known as the CFP® marks. This noteworthy designation is generally considered to be the ‘Gold Standard’ in financial planning.

During the last several years I have been responsible for creating many of the more sophisticated and complex financial plans for Wellspring. For all our clients the goal is the same, to take an in depth look at what it will take to achieve your goals today, tomorrow, and far beyond and then prepare the blueprint to make that happen. Additionally, I am a member of Wellspring’s Investment Committee, ensuring that our portfolio allocations and recommendations continue to deliver low-cost, high-quality strategies with the goal of achieving the highest probability of success.

The services I provide include investment analysis, wealth management, and preparation of comprehensive financial plans. I aim to help answer questions such as;

  • “Will I be able to accomplish the most important goals I have, and how should I be investing to achieve them?”
  • “What are the tradeoffs I might have to make to do what’s most important to me?”
  • “Eventually I would like to retire, am I saving enough for retirement and when will I be able to retire?”
  • “Any additional questions you may have”

I currently reside in Tucson Arizona, with my wife and young growing family. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, exploring the outdoors, BBQing, and tinkering with things around the house.