Elias Young – Financial Planner

Elias Young

I graduated from Sacramento State University in May of 2019 from the College of Business Administration’s financial planning track. As I neared graduation and began searching for work within my field of study, I increasingly found the financial services industry to be self-serving since most “Financial Planner” positions I interviewed for turned out to be sales positions. In these sales positions I would be encouraged to push products based on profitability rather than suitability, and the title “Financial Planner” would be in name alone requiring none of the technical skills I was studying.

Refusing to believe anybody should be able to hold themselves out as a financial planner if they are encouraged to put their own self-interests before a client; my resolve to find a firm that valued taking a holistic approach to financial planning as well as taking on a fiduciary duty was only strengthened.

I finally found Wellspring Financial Partners and since joining, I have been encouraged to continue my studies. The  “Series 65” exam helped me begin filling in the gaps in my education and obtaining the “Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional” designation FPQP®, reinforced everything I had previously learned.

I am working towards the “Certified Financial Planner” designation as I continue to embrace our fiduciary role and provide personalized financial planning.