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Success Isn’t Magic

  One of the greatest myths of Wall Street is that you have to be complicated in approach to win the financial security game.  That statement, like much of what Wall Street would espouse, is lacking in veracity.  Or, in my old Minnesota vernacular, it’s a lie. Like Steve Jobs of Apple would advocate, the beauty of things lies in their simplification.  There are really only five things a person has to do right to have a successful financial…

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The Reality View

There are many scary news blasts these days leading up to the Holidays.  This article is to give you some respite from those unsettling financial stories and to talk about something truly as dramatic, yet is little talked about in the media.  Still, it’s very important for you to know if you are to be financially astute and successful. Rather than ‘the troubles’ (as the Irish would call some of their darkest moments), what if we actually were watching…

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The Norm of Volatility

We’ve got turmoil in the financial world and, generally speaking, nobody is happy about it.  All client portfolios took a hit in the 3rd Quarter, and September was absolutely brutal for equities (stocks).  Just so we’re not conveniently avoiding the conversation, your portfolio got hit a little harder that ‘average’ as it is tilted toward the spots that have better return over the long run.  The small and value companies got hit in this quarter of heightened uncertainly.  Yet…

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