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What DOES and Does NOT Measurably Impact Your Employee Results

In the long term your company’s retirement plan needs to help your employee successfully fund their retirement. With the complexity, and compliance needs for the plan it can be easy to lose sight of what is really important to assure that the plan meets its real intended goal for your employee. Keep an eye on the ball by understanding what your employees need you to focus on.

What does not measurably impact your employee results

  • Funds, Fees, Fiduciary – Yes we believe its important to have the right funds, a good fee structure and to meet all your fiduciary responsibilities. It’s VERY IMPORTANT. So important that we want to relieve you of your fiduciary responsibilities regarding your fund selection, fee structure and fund reviews. We’ll assume that liability and responsibility. We do this so we can spend more time with YOU ensuring your employees are successful. These issues are foundational but do not produce the right behavior from your employees.
    • Spending lots of time in committee meetings on fund analysis
    • Internet planning tools – Statistics show over and over that very few employees will utilize internet tools without some human interaction and coaching. We favor the availability f these tools to help your employees learn. But typically these are utilized by 5% or less of your employees. When they are made available everyone feels like it’s a good thing, but few end up using them.

What DOES measurably impact your employee results

  • Financial planning
  • Employee engagement
  • Customized Retirement Spending Reports (RSR)
  • Holistic planning and financial wellness
  • A trusted unbiased non conflicted partner