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Services We Provide That Make Us Different

Wellspring Financial Partners is committed to making your ERISA retirement plan work for you the employer, and the employee. We do more than just what is required by ERISA, we do what is needed to make your plan work!

  • We don’t just provide a menu of choices along with a recommendation. We tell you exactly what we think you should do and then implement it for you.
  • Serve as an ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary
  • Service calendar and stewardship report
  • Provide Committee Meeting Minutes to Executive Committee
  • Service and Fee Benchmark to Verify and Document that all service provider costs are commensurate, and in fact a good value in light of the services provided
    • Wellspring’s value is consistently far exceeds the costs when objectively evaluated by a 3rd party nationally recognized benchmarking service
  • Employee financial engagement meetings
  • One on one meetings with employees
  • Employee advice on any financial topic at no additional cost
  • Provide employee advice on 401k/403b/457b plan investment selection at no additional cost
  • Individual customized Retirement Spending Reports for all eligible plan employees
  • Availability of individual tailored comprehensive financial plan
  • Unique and proprietary plan level reporting the tracks employee retirement readiness, employee engagement and plan health over time
  • Employee Financial Wellness Education, Training and One on One Consultation
    • Planned, absorbable, actionable, multi topic curriculum
    • Tailored education for online wellness tools
    • One on one Q&A on any financial topic at any time