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What it means for the CEO/CFO

Wellspring Financial Partners is committed to making your ERISA retirement plan work for you the employer, and your employees. For you, the CEO and CFO we have unique ways to help you in your mission to serve and grow your company and employees. For you we understand uniquely that:

  • Financially stressed employees are far more distracted, less productive and not as engaged.
  • Our proprietary reporting shows over time that employees consistently raise deferral levels(1). Improved deferral rates result in improved nondiscrimination testing results allowing C-Suite Executives to contribute more to the retirement plan.
  • ERISA 3(38) provides more comprehensive liability protection for committee members and greater risk transfer from committee to Wellspring when compared to ERISA 3(21) service structure.
  • Comprehensive Fee and Service Benchmark provides a thorough analysis of plan costs versus service compared to a fee only benchmark. The comprehensive fee benchmark provided by Wellspring documents Department of Labor required determination that costs are reasonable in light of services provided.
  • Financial planning services provided demonstrate higher level of benefit provided to employees by company with no additional cost to the employer. Many of our current client CFO and CEO’s are very satisfied clients who use our financial planning services.
For the CEO For the CFO