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Experimenting with Your Work

I thought it worthwhile to view the world of ‘work’ over a period of say… 5,000 years just for the sake of convenience. And, in this view, think about how a grand experiment is being done with the fruits of your work. People have been lending money to each other for a long, long time.  Normally, the lending of money occurs when three things happen; Someone needs resources (money) that they don’t possess today to buy something they want…

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If You Were King

The Democratic and Republican National Conventions are over but the shouting certainly is not. Because the recent news has been filled with the various musings of both party’s candidates, I think talking about their COMMON THEMES (yes, there is one!) would be worthwhile and instructive. NOTE: I will stay politically neutral here. It would be easy to avoid talking about politics when the country is so polarized, but then I would not be serving you well. My job is…

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When Do You Need a Financial Adviser?


(The Answer ….…..Yesterday!) When you get your first real job, money management is relatively simple. You pay your bills, put aside a little fun money, and if you are smart, you save what is left. Easy! In time, you meet your life’s partner and suddenly there are two incomes to consider, two lives. You start looking possibly for a home, which brings along mortgage and insurance considerations. And you also start thinking about the ‘what ifs’ in life. How…

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