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About Wellspring Financial Partners

Wellspring Financial Partners provides financial and investment planning and advice to both individuals as well as companies that sponsor retirement plans for their employees.

For employers

Plan Fiduciary and Advisor

Wellspring Financial Partners is a corporate retirement plan advisor offering a comprehensive suite of best fiduciary practices designed to safeguard the Plan Sponsors. Wellspring further serves as an ERISA 3(38) Advisor providing you with the greatest fiduciary protection available for your investment menu. These responsibilities hold our team to a greater level of both legal and ethical standards. We are committed to minimizing your corporate and personal liability while helping your plan participants prepare for a successful retirement.

For individual investors and individual retirement plan participants

Financial planning

At Wellspring Financial Partners, we want you to invest and take financial control over your life. Our Advisors take the time to truly get to know you and learn about your financial status, values, wants and wishes. Not until we fully understand these do we develop a plan specifically for you. Our advice is unique to your individual investment goals and financial circumstances. We have a profound respect for our clients and work hard to help them prepare for their tomorrow.

Financial advising

There are many dimensions to providing financial advice. First, its about your unique situation. After learning and understanding you, and after working through a plan with you, we will be in a very good position to help you through the complex financial system, one on one. We do this by providing counseling, financial education and mentoring — because an informed client is our best client. In addition to the personal service, we offer webinars and informational sessions that cover such topics as tax-saving strategies, 401(k) company plan strategies, and how to avoid making poor, emotionally-based decisions that set your plans off course.

Investment advising

Wellspring believes that a customized and deeply intelligent investment strategy will bring the highest level of success to your plan. Our investment strategy utilizes an intelligently passive and broadly diversified approach to the capital market.

Investment monitoring

As part of our commitment to help you take control and understand your financial world, we provide tools and access to systems to help you view and monitor your results. We’re also at your service to adjust your plan as needed.

Why choose Wellspring Financial Partners?

Because, Wellspring is focused entirely on our clients’ financial well-being. Unlike most financial advising firms, we’re independent and not controlled by a Wall Street firm. We are “fee-only,” paid only by our clients to serve them and we don’t take commissions. Because we’re not paid to sell any financial product, our focus is only on our clients’ success and not on earning commissions.

Our simple, powerful philosophy

  • Listen intently and learn about our client.
  • Make a plan that helps our client understand what’s possible and how to get there.
  • Implement the plan using best-of-breed practices and investments.
  • Walk with you throughout every phase of the plan.

When you are thinking about choosing a Financial and/or Investment Advisor there are many things to consider, but be sure to ask these questions of anyone you are considering:

  • Who is paying your Advisor? Most big name firms are paid by the providers of the financial products they sell. These payments come in many forms such as commissions and marketing fees. Wellspring Financial Partners is “fee-only” — paid by you. Beware of the “fee-based” Advisor paid by you and by the providers of the financial products.
  • Do they take a fiduciary role? If yes, they must do what’s best for you. If your Advisor doesn’t take a “fiduciary” role, they only have to do what is “good enough” for you, not what’s “best” for you. Wellspring Financial Partners takes a fiduciary role and focuses entirely on your best interest.
  • Are they independent or affiliated with a broker? If affiliated with a broker, they receive incentives, and in many cases, must sell what’s on their broker’s “menu.” If independent, such as Wellspring Financial Partners, they can provide what is best for you, not what is on “special” for the day.

Information disclosures about Wellspring can be found:

Additional information about Investment Metrics, Inc. doing business as Wellspring Financial Partners is also available on the Internet at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov. You can view our firm’s information on this website by searching for our name Wellspring Financial Partners or our firm CRD number 158872.