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Personal Financial Planning for Plan Participants

Personal Financial Planning for Plan Participants

People with a financial plan are much more likely to achieve success. Isn’t this true for any worthy venture? How many long range projects succeed without some sort of plan? As an employee participant in a Wellspring-advised retirement plan, you have access to our personal financial planning services. We can help you prepare for your financial future and reach your short-term and long-term goals.

If you are not an employee participant, you can still work with Wellspring one-on-one through our individual financial planning services.

Be an Informed Investor

We Make Financial Planning Simple And Accessible
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The biggest barriers people assume they will have when starting a financial plan are:

“I don’t have enough money to make a plan worth it.”
“I can’t afford a plan.”
“It’s too early for me to have a financial plan.”
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At Wellspring Financial Partners, none of those are true, because:

We work with any employees regardless of their net worth or existing debt struggle.
We make it VERY affordable for participants in 401(k) plans that we advise on.
Starting early enhances success in financial planning.
We make every step of the process easy to understand.

Our Financial Planning Process

Wellspring takes a personalized approach to helping our clients plan for their financial futures. Every step of the way, we tailor your plan to your unique needs, desires, and goals.

Here are the steps we take:

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First, we’ll develop mutual trust as you learn about Wellspring and we learn about you. You’ll gain an understanding of how we approach financial planning and wealth management.

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Next, we’ll facilitate a deep discussion about your current and future financial situation. This discussion often sparks self-discovery, and you may uncover new insight about your financial life, wants, needs, and goals.
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Analyze and Develop

During this phase, we will analyze your current financial data, such as existing investments and insurance policies. We will use this information to develop your personalized plan.
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After we’ve created your plan, your advisor will meet with you to review it. We’ll ensure you understand how to implement your plan and what your next steps are, and will answer any questions you have.
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Monitor And Update

We’ll continue to monitor and update your plan to ensure it continues to work for you as your life changes. This includes monitoring investment performance, keeping spending on track, and adapting to any new circumstances.

Take Advantage Of Our Financial Planning Services

As an employee retirement plan participant, you have access to preferred pricing for our financial planning services.

For just $160, one of our experts will assist you in creating a roadmap to guide your financial future.