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  Last month we wrote about the five things a person needs to do to be fiscally successful.  This month we just want to highlight one of those aspects and its seminal importance to an investor’s positive outcome. By way of introduction, we point out an interesting fact; the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics wasn’t awarded to a finance genius or world economist.  Instead, it was won by a psychologist (Dr. Daniel Kanneman).  His claim to fame?  He and…

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The Proof is in the Pudding

  You know that we are a strong advocate of having a good financial plan.  However, sooner or later you have to make the plan happen…and it is investments and how you act on them that make it possible.  Let us purely focus on the numbers here because we’ve been talking about equities and faith in the private markets for a year.  In that light, let’s see what happened in your portfolio.  Contrasted against all the below numbers, while you…

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