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Plan Fiduciary and Advisor

Wellspring Financial Partners is a premier retirement plan Advisor offering a comprehensive suite of services to corporate qualified retirement plans, including 401(k), 403(b), Profit Sharing, 457 and Employee Stock Ownership Plans. We’re an Independent Registered Investment Advisory firm and serve as a co-fiduciary with the Plan Sponsor, holding our team to a greater level of responsibility in both legal and ethical standards. As your fiduciary partner, we are committed to minimizing your corporate and personal liability while helping your…

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Elect Wisdom

  We know…just know…that there are at least two things on your mind; What’s going to happen in this very interesting Presidential Election? Which way is the stock market going next? To be clear, if you KNEW either one of those things, you’d be in a class all by yourself.  To be further clear, if you bet on either one as happening, you may win but it would be pure speculation.  Wisdom, by definition, is not speculation.  Thus, let…

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