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A very successful client recently told us– our greatest contribution to he and his wife is not the investments.  That comment perplexed us and, given my deep respect for him professionally and personally, we sat back to listen.

He told us the investments are terrific and he enjoys my enthusiasm and passion for the research and getting them the best we think exists.  But the real value, the more important value to him, is the peace and confidence we bring to their lives.  They don’t worry about their investments like they used to, a situation that never had before.  He can now focus on his wife and her happiness, his family and a new business venture he’s working on.  That service from us, from Wellspring, he said was a unique value proposition and something that we might do well to contemplate.

So we have.

We think we’ve become ingrained to think and act that more money brings more happiness.  And, though we are very competitive and want investments to grow, we are increasingly aware that what our clients want is not just more money but more personal fulfillment and a richer life.  Money does allow for more options, and exercising those options can bring fulfillment, so money is very important.  But by itself, compared to meaningful relationships or high-value experiences, being “rich” would not be enough.  Some of my clients are in a spiritual quest, others have items on their bucket list to complete, some clients are in the accumulation stage and want to create a good future, and others are in “the future” and just want to be able to relax and enjoy grand kids.  Again, having money invested well is important, but it is important precisely because the resource it provides facilitates these objectives.  Having a comprehensive financial plan that shows their own desired objectives being on or ahead of track or, making changes to keep it on track, is what brings peace and confidence.

We will strive to continue to do so.  In that light, let us give you two pieces of helpful information to your quest for greater fulfillment and greater success in life;

  1. According to Dr. Susan Biali, a Canada-based wellness expert and coach, 57% of study participants were happier after spending money on an experience instead of on stuff, compared with 34% who chose material goods (June / July AARP magazine, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology).
  2. For those who want heightened success AND happiness in life, click on this YouTube. The result of 31% greater success is not trivial, and this guy will give you an interesting idea.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXy__kBVq1M

In this correspondence we want to simply recognize my continual learning as well, and ask you to always keep that learning street going both ways.

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